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Triclops have carved out a niche generating innovative ideas at the front end of toys and games concept development. With over a decade of Triclops experience preceded by lengthy apprenticeships as Designers at Hasbro, Rob Ames and Luc Hudson founded the studio in 2007 and remain hands on at the helm.

A no-bullshit approach is at the core of what we do, coupled with a genuine passion for product and content in the worlds of toys, games, comics, movies and animation. We take inspiration from contemporary popular culture and upcoming trends as well as having broad knowledge of what has gone before.

We believe that foundational research should be given equal importance to the ideas which it inspires.

“Rob and Luc think differently, challenge the status quo and are never afraid to take risks... they are true innovators.”



Whether you have the nub of a concept, a new piece of technology which needs to be accomodated in a toy line or a broad concept which needs finessing we can help to bring it to life.

We work on licensed and non-licensed product, from preschool to kidult for boys and girls, exploring the potential of brands and often suggesting how to exploit the hooks of premises to create innovative, engaging characters, playsets and play features.

We are World Builders with a strong aptitude in Intellectual Property creation and development and we are not afraid of a blank canvas.

Triclops bring freshness to a diverse range of design challenges from the ground up.


Our client base includes major international companies but no job is too big or small for Triclops. We are just as happy working with a startup or individual as a multinational, our skillsets transcend their foundations in toys and games into wider entertainment applications and we have a wealth of experience creating content for childrens’ animated series on global TV networks.

Spin master
Walt Disney
The Marketing Store
The Aprentice
Ban Dai
Vivid Goliath
Basic Fun
Golden Bear
The Fantastic Factory
Macmillan Education
Platinum Films
The Design Museum
Mojo Nation

Due to the confidential nature of our work at the front-end of development, we cannot share consultancy work samples online. If you would like to request a tailored portfolio showcasing some of our previous projects please get in touch.

* A google image search will mainly reference our exhibition artworks and Triclops’ releases from the designer toy world and is not a reflection of studio output.


The problem with being a think tank is that the ideas never stop flowing. Complimenting the contracted work for hire at the consultancy is an invention wing where we develop new products, collectibles and IP with a view to securing partnership deals with companies who manufacture and distribute.

These off-piste concepts are often inspired by our true passion for toys but are just as likely to crop up from a throwaway comment or an observation from everyday life.

“These guys are the pinnacle of great design in the toy space.”



Triclops Studio has been an energetic and reliable resource for over a decade, with deep knowledge and expertise in IP character generation, plus vast experience across all areas of product innovation in multiple categories. They continue to fuel the industry with their passion & creativity

Phil Sage Senior Director of Design and Development at Hasbro

I have engaged with Triclops on a wide variety of projects covering multiple categories.

Their Toy and Entertainment industry knowledge is second to none, feeding seamlessly into their wide skillset from basic concepts to full IP and character development.

I would highly recommend them to anyone in the field of children’s entertainment.

Fraser Paterson Head of Design and Product Development - Licensed & Pre-School - Moose Toys

Rob and Luc are some of the best creative toy guys we work with. They have extensive experience and a passion for making great toys. They ‘get’ a brief however wide and loose it maybe and have a knack for delivering that bit extra.

Jon Elliott Operation Manager (R&D) Character Options

Innovation and new ways of thinking are at the core of what Triclops Studio do and I have been working with Rob, Luc and the Triclops team on multiple projects over many years.

They bring a fresh and totally unique take on problem solving and ideation which is why they are a fantastic consultancy and inventor house to work with, offering ideas that are engaging and thought provoking.

Alpesh Patel Vice President Global Toy Design at Tomy

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rob and Luc for the past few years on several large projects.

They are exceptional on many levels! Not only do they deliver conceptually with exceptional innovation and creativity. But they also outline their thinking through concise and thorough research and trend studies.

The final product that you will receive is an arsenal of information and ideas that can take your toy line or whatever it is to the next level!

Plus, Rob and Luc are just 2 of the coolest guys you’ll ever get to work with! I highly recommend working with Triclops Studio!

Tom Tretter VP, Design - Spin Master Toys Inc

Luc and Rob have been our go to guys for iGEN, characters and more recently world and brand building within our global IP portfolio for over 4 years. I love their minds, passion and style - one of a kind (except there's two of them so even better!) Whether they are feeding in their own IP or pulled in on a project as external creatives, they can be the critical ingredient to a fresh, unique and winning portfolio.

Fi Murray Creative Director of Making Things and Former Global Principal Creative, Vivid Imaginations

I worked with Triclops on the original designs for Go Jetters, one of CBeebies most successful animations, Rob and Luc were brilliant to work with, enthusiastic, creative and bursting with ideas and it’s a testament to their talent that the look of the final series stuck very closely to their vision.

Barry Quinn Series Producer BBC

Passionate, creative and lovely human beings to boot, the guys at Triclops are two of the shining stars of the toy design space and encapsulate everything that makes this sector such a great industry to work in (and they boast the best business cards in the biz too!).

Billy Langsworthy Co-Founder, Mojo Nation

I have known Rob and Luc at Triclops for more years than I can remember. Throughout that time I must say two of the nicest blokes working in the toy industry. Their ideas are fresh and always on trend delivering on every front. Having commissioned them to work on some of our ideas we found the journey to be fun, on time, on budget and exceeding expectations. Based on the above would I recommend Triclops?....NO. Only joking these guys are gold. Keep up the good work.

David Snow Co-Owner, The Fantastic Factory


Triclops Studio Ltd. is based in London, England.

You can find Rob Ames and Luc Hudson on LinkedIn or drop us a line via the contact form here.

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